Where In The World Is Charlie’s White Hat?

Number 2 Hints…

Guess what? We’re on a mission with Charlie  Guess where we’re going next, and you could win $10 and a certificate! Ah, that’s the mystery we’re all trying to solve! Where in the world is Charlie’s White Hat? Keep your eyes peeled for clues, and you might just crack the code!

Hey Awesome Classmates!

Guess what? We’re going on an epic journey together! 🌍✈️
Big shoutout to all of you for joining in on the fun, money-making, and learning about our amazing world.

Meet Charlie, our explorer in the super cool White Hat. He’s on a mission to find the best ideas for Solar Electricity to save our planet from Global Warming. Yep, we’re superheroes on a mission!
Thanks a bunch for being part of this adventure with me. Get ready for some awesome times ahead!

Submit to Your Teacher. Hand over your completed questionnaire to your teacher. You got this, Detective! 🕵️‍♂️ Good luck, Investigators! 🕵️‍♀️🔍Join us! It will only take a minute
You Can WIN!